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The onepiece-framework is insanely great!! This is very intuitive design. Our before framework will obsolete. This framework will destructive innovators.

Characteristic of "onepiece-framework".

The "New World" is a new world. Everything before that becomes old. You can intuitively find the "end-point". This is because the URL and hierarchical file system are synchronized. The "end-point" are called "controller" by old developers.

The "New World" includes the following feature.
Router, Layout, Template, Html-Pass-through
Our "onepiece-framework" has separated "Layout" and "Template". Layout is the design of the entire site. That a header, footer and menu. The "layout" is modularized. So, you can easily introduce layout created by a third party. Please do not compare with burned down igniter.
Template is to be reused around.
You do not need to make an empty controller anymore. Files with the extension html are automatically executed by application. Please do not compare to Symphony without conductor.
Our made a replaceable program as a unit.
  1. Form
  2. SQL
  3. Database
  4. ORM - Object-relational mapping
  5. Self-test
  6. G11n and i18n
ORM is full ORM.
Please do not misunderstand!! We are not stealing the ORM!!
ORM is all coded by me.

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